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5 Benefits to a Smarter Home

Last week we ended with a cliff hanger: What are the 5 Benefits every home owner could experience from some level of home automation?  Well let’s not keep you in the dark (pun) any longer!

1. Energy Savings – By using the most basic of controls, the dimmer, we can dim our lights throughout our houses and reduce the amount of energy we consume. Even just dimming lights 10% reduces the energy being used and over time can make a big difference. With a system installed, the dimming can happen without us even thinking about it letting us enjoy our homes and save energy automatically. Now that’s a Smart Home!

2. Dollar Savings – Well, this one just goes hand in hand with reducing energy usage. The less you use the less you pay the utility company and the more money you keep. Who doesn’t like that?

3. Increases Comfort – By controlling our house in more than an “on/off” manner, we can start to tailor it to how we live and entertain. Setting scenes for when you watch a movie, read a book or have guests over creates an environment that is specific for that time and brings a level of comfort to those who are there. I know I’m more comfortable when the lights are dimmed to that perfect movie watching level.

4. It’s all about Convenience – Now I don’t know about you, but I have one room that has to serve several different functions. It is the TV room, movie room, reading room, gaming room, getting friends and family together room or, in two words, the Living Room. By having a home control system, I can create scenes for each of those functions and then just press a button and the room is exactly the way I want it every time. No more fiddling around with several different dimmers and controls. Now that is convenient!

5. All important Security – Coming home to a dark house is never fun or very safe. With today’s systems you can make sure the lights are on and your home is ready to welcome you no matter what time of day or night. Hear something strange in the middle of the night? Instead of getting up in the dark to investigate, just press a button by the side of your bed and now you aren’t fumbling in the dark looking for a light. Now, imagine you had to contact emergency services and instead of just giving your address you could have your outdoor lights blink to easily indicate which house is yours on the street. That’s not only safe, but smart!

Now there are plenty of other benefits of home automation but those 5 can be achieved with just about any system and any budget. Want to know more? Send me an email and let’s talk about if home automation is right for you.

Next week we tackle the alphabet soup of acronyms that is Home Automation and what they really mean.

Thanks for reading!

Dan Byers – Manager
CES Santa Barbara